LGBT Democrats of Virginia Web Design and Web Development by Joel McDonald

Client Info

LGBT Democrats of Virginia is the LGBT caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia and was formed in 2009 as the official LGBT organization within the Democratic Party of Virginia, taking the place of Virginia Partisans.

My Role

I was elected as the organization’s first Vice-Chair for Technology and Communications and was responsible for creating a website, social media presence, email list, membership database, and pretty much anything an organization needs to communicate externally and internally. I continue to serve in this role, mainly because nobody else has stepped up to do the job.

Geeky Stuff

While the organization is growing, it hasn’t been able to afford tools like NGP VAN to track membership, contributions, event ticket sales, etc. For a while, I used CiviCRM to track this information, but the plugin was prone to errors after core WordPress updates, updates to the plugin were somewhat tedious, and it was difficult to customize forms it generated. I eventually gave up and move all our contact data to MailChimp and write some custom functions to better manage how member information is added or updated when new members sign up or returning members renew their membership.

We’re currently redesigning this site for launch late summer 2017.

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