WordPress Plugins

Developed for Us. Available to You.

With over 20 years of web development experience focused on providing solutions to client problems, we've got a few things in our bag of tricks that help us solve these problems for multiple clients in less time.

A significant feature of WordPress is the ability to extend the core functionality of the platform by installing plugins. A plugin is additional code that adds features you want to your WordPress website. According to WP Rocket (our choice for WordPress caching and optimization), there are over 50,000 plugins available, and that's just on the WordPress plugin repository.

The plugins below have been developed by McDonald Web Works for use in our client projects. We are making them available as our way of giving back to the amazing WordPress open-source community.

As of November 2021, making our plugins publically available is a new initiative for us. How these plugins are managed, maintained, and distributed may change over time. Additional paid features may be added later, but the functionality offered for free will always be free. Also, these plugins are in various stages of development, and while we're confident enough to use them in client projects, we make no guarantees about their functionality, compatibility, or assume any responsibility for their use.

Available Plugins

Gravity Forms Popup Confirmations

Make your Gravity Form text confirmations stand out to your users by displaying them in popup modal windows! This plugin also maintains your page layout by automatically reloading your form for reuse.